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This is a recipe, a short document maintained by the web team to help you achieve something.

Take a look at all the recipes.


If you want to pick a meeting time, follow these steps.

These are loosely based on the Bay Area Debian shotgun rules for organizing meetings. Since you're organizing the meeting, you have to be there.

Email the list and ask when people can make it

Here's what you do:

  1. Figure out some times that work for you.
  2. Create a poll on or that will let people say when they can come.
  3. Optional, but good: Decide on the objective of the meeting, to motivate people to attend. (See also this tutorial on organizing meetings.)
  4. In your mind, set a deadline for the date you're going to pick the meeting time.
  5. Email the poll information (including the poll administrative information) to the webteam list.

Sample time poll email

  From: LC <>
  To: webteam at
  Subject: Meeting planning: Pick a date

  We need to pick a meeting time for the Web Team meeting. So here's a
  poll link:

  And here's a link to the admin interface for the poll, so we can all
  see each other's answers:

  We're going to choose the meeting by Tuesday, January 3, 1987. I'll make
  a decision based on what people say in the poll.

  (Optional: The meeting's purpose is to decide how we can frob the fibnitzer.
  We will write up a full agenda once we've picked the date.)

  Let us know if you can make it by filling out the poll!


  L. Cohen

Decide what time the meeting will happen, and make an agenda page

I suggest using e.g. Google Calendar to send you an email or SMS to remind you to actually pick the meeting time. I often forget to actually do that on time.

Then create a wiki page with the name being the ISO-format date (e.g., 2009-12-31) and give it "Category:Meeting".

Oh, and create a time zone converter link. To do that using

  1. Enter the time and date of the meeting into
  2. Leave the target time zone field set to "UTC"
  3. Click "Convert time"
  4. Then click "Make changes to the current search"
  5. Copy that link, and send it out with the email.

Email everyone saying when the the meeting is

Here's a sample email:

  From: LC <>
  To: webteam at
  Subject: Meeting on 1992-11-12, 5 PM US/Eastern

  Okay, everybody, we're having a meeting on IRC!

  Where: #freeculture (on freenode)
  When: Thursday, Nov 12, 1992 5 PM US/Eastern

  Convert to your time zone:
  Let us know if you can make it by filling out the poll!

  We're growing an agenda at


  L. Cohen