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The Propaganda Page

Post all informational material regarding the Free Culture movement here. To learn how, use the tutorial.


Longish Introductory Free Culture Flier (unfinished--please edit!) by Rebekah

Short Introductory Free Culture Flier by Rebekah and Nicholas

Creative Commons Flier for Artists by Amanda

Clubs Post flyers, information, and tips on reaching various existing clubs and campus groups.

Media Groups and Campus Publications Groups which do campus radio or television stations, or publish magazines and newspapers.

Computer and Tech Groups Linux users groups, and techie/nerd clubs in general.

Artists and Art Clubs This includes Starving Artists, Student Art Corps, Photo Clubs, Poetry and Literary Clubs, Anime Clubs, etc.

Musicians Student musician networks and garage bands. Also, students who sponsor and organize campus music venues.

GNU/Linux Targeted more specifically at members of the Free Software and GNU/Linux movements.

Radio Flier How industry control of radio is bad and how Free Culture helps.

Biotech Flier How big biotech corporations stifle innovation

Protect Your Right to Tinker Why engineers, inventors, and garage-workshop enthusiasts everywhere should care about the Free Culture movement.