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: The mission of the Free Culture movement is to ensure the future of a bottom-up, open, participatory structure to society and culture, and to prevent the spread of a top-down, closed, proprietary structure. Through the democratizing power of digital technology and the Internet, we can place the tools of creation and distribution, communication and collaboration, teaching and learning into the hands of the common person.
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'''''Rochester Free Culture has moved to [http://rochester.freeculture.org http://rochester.freeculture.org]. Please see the [http://rochester.freeculture.org new site] now.'''''
: We believe that culture should be a two-way affair, about participation, not just consumption. We will not sit at the end of a one-way media tube. With the Internet and other technological advances, the possibility exists for a new paradigm of creation, one where anyone can be an artist, and anyone can succeed, based not on industry connections, but on merit. We seek to make this possibility real.
: ''excerpt from the [[Free Culture Manifesto]]''
=Rochester Area Free Culture=
As an area with a large music and art scene and several large area colleges in both liberal arts and technical fields, we certainly have the resources to have an active Free Culture movement in Rochester.  Here's what we're planning:
==Current Activities==
*April 2005
** '''Initital Presentation: Monday, 4 April 2005 5pm in Java Wally's.'''  Our first activity will be a brief presentation about Free Culture, a questions and answer session, and informal discussions.  Free food (hopefully).
==Potential Activities==
''The following dates and locations are still just tentative.''
*May 2005
** '''Wikipedia Edit Fest.''' A quick overview of [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] and editing tutorial to get everyone up to speed, then group editing of a bunch of articles.  Hopefully some free food and drinks.
** '''Free Culture for the Musician.''' Presentation: What can Free Culture do for me?  Discussion about [http://opsound.org/opsound.html Opsound].  The ''Remix Culture''. Set up recording sessions for local artists.  Possibly plan a concert if enough interest from local musicicans.
*Future Projects
** '''Collaborative photo mural project.''' Get a bunch of people with digital cameras together and create a giant virtual mural.
==Get Involved==
We're starting a multi-university [[What is free culture?|Free Culture]] group in the Rochester area.  We're very much looking for collaboration with existing area groups: music and art student associations, campus Libertarian groups, and computer interest floors or clubs.  If you're a member or representative of any of these groups, please get in touch with me.  Please add your name and some contact info if you'd be interested.
* [[User:LukeStodola|Luke Stodola]] (RIT)
* Dr. Amit Ray (RIT)
* Bryan Bernstein (UR)
'''Please don't be afraid to get in touch with me about any questions or comments you might have.'''  Email me at [mailto:freec@dxdt.org freec@dxdt.org] and I'll try to respond within a few days.
=More Information about Free Culture in General=
''To find out more about what Free Culture is all about, browse around on this website or try some of the following links:''
* [[What is free culture?]]
* [http://www.freeculture.org/ Free Culture International Student Organization]
* [http://creativecommons.org/ Creative Commons] and the [http://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Main_Page Creative Commons wiki]
* Wiki version of Lessig's book, ''Free Culture'', [http://blogspace.com/freeculture/Main_Page] ''(Warning: heavy vandalism.)'' [http://blogspace.com/freeculture/FreeCulture:About More info]  about this wiki community. Lawrence Lessig is Professor of Law at Stanford University.
* [http://opsound.org/opsound.html Opsound], a free culture music site

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Rochester Free Culture has moved to http://rochester.freeculture.org. Please see the new site now.