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Today you can hand someone a free computer CD so they can try out free/open source. But imagine if you could hand someone a free DVD *movie* that explains *why* they should do this? Watching a movie is a lot more fun than reinstalling an operating system (except for the more geeky among us).

With a good free movie, we can much more effectively spread word about the free/open source software movement, wiki, free content, and all the other Free Culture movements that have been reshaping the world.


This page is here for brainstorming about creating a project that will have the goal of collecting, creating and providing films and videos about free culture. It will be a repository of source material for creating films about our movements, and a place where people can collaborate and post these films for sharing with others.

A Free Culture based project to collect public-domain based videos about the Free Culture movement in order to produce other media from this to help grow the Free Culture community and help get peole into Free Culture. The Free Culture movement includes people, software and resources around the ideas of Free Software, Free Content, Open Source, and Open Content.

See Bryce's Free Culture Movie blog post for the original concept proposal.


Anyone who wants to sign-up and help contribute. Particularly people who like to collect video, film open source events, interview people, craft good storylines, and edit or produce movies.


  • decide how to best handle licensing. Public domain vs. a copyleft?
  • investigate if any portions of Revolution OS are available freely
  • Is there any appropriate freely-licensed film/video from other sources? Indymedia?
  • install ccHost
  • customize ccHost for storing video clips
  • Identify software to use for editing clips together into a movie
  • Identify a procedure for generating DVD isos of a movie
  • Is it possible to have a Linux live install on the same DVD as a DVD movie? How?

Technical Setup


Server: Standard server for now...

Software: Creative Commons' ccHost

Sample Script

1. Overview of the Free/Open Source movement

2. Origins of free software, open source, and free culture

 * Ancient times, when software was always shared
 * Bill Gates' Open Letter to Hobbiests, demanding that people pay for software
 * Richard Stallman leaving MIT Lab and devoting life to free software

3. Free Philosophy 101: Copylefting, User Rights, etc.

 * Why computer users need rights
 * GPL
 * Public Domain
 * How copylefting applies to the rest of the world

4. Explosion of Free Culture movements today

5. Why Free Culture is important to you

6. How you can get involved