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Long term

  • Mission statement for the free culture movement (what is free culture?)
  • Mission statement for (why does our org/corporation exist?)
  • Bylaws for the org
  • Policy paper for 2006
  • 501(c)3 application
  • Appoint a liason or two to strengthen ties with old allies and find new ones
    • Non-profits - e.g. EFF, CC, PK, DHB...
    • Businesses - e.g. Google, Flickr, industry groups

Short term

  • Jimbo Wales tour
  • Cereal Solidarity
  • Web site stuff (see Todo:Webteam)
  • Update chapter list (who's alive, and wtf are they up to?)
  • Ship CC/EFF/PK stuff to our chapters
  • Shirt shipping/reordering, DHB/Battlecart
  • Activist packet / "Get Involved" page
  • Update manifesto?
  • Business cards for primary reps (Nelson, Gavin, anyone else who talks to press)
  • Blogging guidelines
    • Minute-taking guidelines?
  • Press section on website (links to press about FC.o)
    • There is/was a blog category for posts about press about ourselves...
  • Mini-bios of FC.o leaders
  • Write Announce e-mails (really overdue)