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name Name::Universität Bremen
Address [[Address::Bibliothekstr. 1;

28359 Bremen; Germany

Postal Address: Universität Bremen; Postfach 33 04 40; 28334 Bremen; Germany]]

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FC Chapter

Free Culture Bremen

Open University Campaign

The University of Bremen and the State- and University Library (SuUB) signed the `Berlin Declaration' and the `Göttingen Declaration on Copyright for Education and Research'[1].


One objective of the SuUB to encourage and support the Open Access strategy of the universities by setting-up a DINI certified .document server for long time archiving.

It is also maintaining a website giving an overview on Open Access.

Currently the SuUB holds about 3 million Open Access articles in conjunction with the Open Archives Initiative[2].


84% out of 220 researchers who participated in a survey 2004 support Open Access according to the offical news paper `Bremer Uni-Schlüssel' #84.

The working group `Applied Computer Science' is maintaining a list of links that might be interesting.


The student association (AStA) and the computer science students association (StugA Informatik) are supporting the Open University Campaign.

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