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Yale Students for Free Culture
name Name::Yale Students for Free Culture
subdomain Subdomain::yale
uri Uri::http://yale.freeculture.org
blog Blog::
wiki [[Wiki::]]
mailinglist Mailinglist::freeculture-discuss@mailman.yale.edu
# of core members Coremembers::6
Has a budget? Budget::Yes
Budget size Budgetsize::600
Ship CC goodies? Ship cc::Yes
Ship EFF goodies? Ship eff::Yes
Ship PK goodies? Ship pk::Yes
School School::Yale University
Contact Contact::User:oo7akbnd
Has been reviewed + approved by SFC? Approved by SFC::Yes
Has been approved by the school? Approved by School::Yes
Is active? Is active::Yes
Last re-registered? Last re-registered::2008-2009

We've recently been approved by Yale University!

We are focusing the conversation about Free Culture on campus by bringing together students who are interested in remix culture, music, open access, academic collaboration, and taking an active role in the world around them. We discuss; we formulate; we coordinate; we plot; we act; we have fun.