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It's worth comparing this page with the About pages of other organizations:

Initially we want our page to simply be a short introduction, but eventually we want to have pages on the history of the organization, and exactly what we do, as well as bios for regular contributors/volunteers and links to our chapter sites.

We also need to consider what belongs on this page and what belongs in the FAQ. -- Nelson 13:28, 9 Mar 2005 (EST)

court cases

We involve ourselves in court cases? We might react to something going on in the courts, but I don't really see FC.o as such getting involved in the courts, i.e. bringing suit against something or providing counsel. (We're obviously unable to provide counsel.) Diebold notwithstanding, that was before FC.o existed and I don't see it happening again -- an FC.o member might do something (perhaps backed by FC.o planning), but would FC.o? Or do you see us filing amicus briefs in the future? (Who would write them? I don't see a counsel of record anywhere...) -- Gavin 16:02, 10 Mar 2005 (EST)