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Let's prepare for tomorrow
The future of free culture ispretty rbright,and people are really passionate.
People whohwantto bebound by bylaws shouldbeboundby the bylaws
I'm excited to see thefuture of Nelson 2.0
I likefree culture as moreof n organic idea. I know this iscontroversial, but if you cant as chapter head bget peoplemotivated to show up then youshouldnt have a chapter
I think our strength lies in thoe chapters. and there is no realistsic way we can get an XD in a waythatwould also be the best use of our funds. And so... I think theonnly sustainable way forward is one that relies on broad participation.
If a really strong organizationcan't sustain itself...ifnobodywants todo it, why arewe really worrying about it?
I'm really looking forrward tonelson 2.0,thats all ofus, gettingthings done as acommunity andopening up some of thetasks that need to bedone to the community.
I'm concerned when i go to law school that some things stop happening
I'm as web2.0 as the next person, but i'm concerned that sometimes when omething is everyone's responsibility, it becomes noone's responsibility. And whether wehave a viable national organization... deendson the decisions we make.
projects are fun.writing stuff, owning stuff, coding stuff. whats hard rightnowis getting the tough administration things done. getting somone to go to the treasurer meeting at swarthmore. resoobding to all the emails that pile up. getting someone tosay 'this is my baby'. it's just papework. and covincing people to invest in stuff like this - not just the people in this room; getting the chapters big, to critical mass; beyond that 12 person mass; teaching people that IP law is not some arcane technical subject thatthey dont care about, but something that affects them...