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If you're looking for the discussion about the Constitution, go here: Talk:Constitution

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

There are currently enough projects listed on this strategy paper to keep us busy for the semester. It looks like these are the questions now:

  1. Is there anything missing? Are there any egregious omissions? Any other ideas?
  2. Does it all belong? Are these all projects we want to undertake? Are they all projects we want to start now? Which should be moved into the "indeterminate future" category?
  3. Okay, so we have ideas for projects. How will we accomplish them? Let's flesh them out.
  4. For some projects, the responsibility clearly rests with someone (e.g. some are clearly for the Media Committee). For others, not so. Tying in with the above, who is responsible for what? Which projects are ones to be coordinated on a national level, and which are suggestions for local chapters to undertake of their own volition?

In short: What should be added? What should be removed? What should be postponed? What is our specific strategy for each project? Who is responsible for each project? Which are national priorities and which are local "opt-in"?

Also, when is the strategy paper done? We need a deadline in the near future so we can move onto working on the Constitution, the external policy paper, and appointing members to committees, as well as our national projects and local concerns.

When these questions are answered, the strategy paper will live up to its name and be complete