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|MeetingAttendees=Mecredis, Emstark. Ben Moskowitz, Alex Kozak, Bcb2114
|MeetingAttendees=Mecredis, Emstark, Ben Moskowitz, Alex Kozak, Bcb2114

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Meeting Date MeetingDate::2008/07/10
Meeting Attendees ,|x|MeetingAttendees::User:x}}
Board Meeting? BoardMeeting::f
Core Meeting? CoreMeeting::f
Quorum? Quorum::f
Meeting Agenda [[MeetingAgenda::
  • Space -
    • Where on campus are we going to have this?
    • Will it cost money to rent space?
  • Expected attendance
    • Private?
    • Public?
    • Disguises?
  • Main Topics for Panels
    • Activism vs. Copyright Reform
    • Storytelling about projects and efforts of various chapters (successes and failures!)
    • Dream, vision sharing
    • Demoing useful techniques and tools for organizing
  • Take-Aways:
    • What do we want people to get out of this thing?
    • Do they make things while they are there? (Of course, yes. So what do they make?)]]
Meeting Minutes [[MeetingMinutes::
  • Lessig has confirmed.
  • Rooms are in the process of getting sorted out.
  • 200 Person for the first day
  • No other big event on that day at Berkeley
  • BLT is at the law school and we could use a room there.
    • This is the backup plan
  • We want to fly in people who are starting chapters.
    • 30-50 people
  • Berkeley can reserve the room on 21st of August
  • Funding is on its way ... $5500/30k
    • Fred is contacting more people now
    • Primary expense is getting people there.
    • Who is the Conduit? BLT can act as it.
    • Funders write check to BLT.
  • Day 1
    • Copyright issues
    • Digital Issues
  • Day 2
    • Learn how to be a student activist, etc.
    • Workshops
    • etc.
  • Should we have a theme?
    • Tools for innovation, tools for organizing
    • Want to talk to BLT
    • Settle the theme next week.
    • Over e-mail
  • How do you settle issues / conflict over decisions?
    • Consensus, no one really disagrees
  • Day 1 seems the most complicated ... Day 2 is more straight forward
  • What is the takeaway?
    • Maybe we have to sort out the theme.
    • Gain a particular awareness on the issues we're working on by the people in the Bay Area
    • Connect people who want to get involved with students.
  • How can the board help Berkeley chapter?
    • Contacts
    • Volunteers]]