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Be careful about how you use the FC wiki... so long as it's stuff generalizable to the national movement, it's fine, but local stuff should really be done on a local wiki. We can make a wiki subdomain for UF Free Culture on here if really necessary, but we don't want to clutter up the "recent changes" with stuff that's irrelevant to people who do not go to UFlorida. The stuff you're posting at the moment looks fine, but I'm in the process of trying to talk to Luke about not using the FC.o wiki as his local club's wiki, so I just want to make everything clear. -- Nelson 06:11, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)

wait, what is this "Category" feature?

I don't remember ever seeing "Category" used on Wikipedia. What is this feature, and how is it intended to be used? It's new to me. -- Nelson 06:12, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Categories are used to organize articles. On the Wikipedia, they are heavily used to group related articles as a more flexible alternative to a hierachy. I've used them here for the fliers.
I'm using the fc.o wiki because: a) its a more long-lasting site. I had been hosting the site on my PC, which will go down when I lose my RIT network connection. b) its a better domain name c) it said I could. My plan is to have everything specific to Rochester only on the Rochester page and its subpages (e.g. Rochester/Meeting Planning) so as to not clutter the wiki. I see your point about the Recent changes. It would probably be easy to hack an option onto mediawiki to hide changes in certain categories; local group pages then get tagged with a [[Category:Local]] and then don't clutter up the recent changes. What do you think? If its still a problem, we can move to a different wiki, but I think it works better to keep things together, so its easier to learn from other groups. Regarding a subdomain: that redirects to would be great. We'll talk. --LukeStodola 12:19, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)

You don't have to read everything in the Recent Changes box.

Besides, why maintain independent wikis? The bandwidth and disk space usage on this wiki is negligable, and if the only real concern is the Recent Changes list, well, I could hack it later as suggested above.

Sure, I know you want to keep things decentralized, but this wiki's for internal development use anyway, it's not like we're going to run a website from it. *gives a look at RIT*

BTW, RIT - Being as this wiki *is* intended for internal use, I'm not sure I like the idea of you running the FC-RIT from it.