Do I need a wisdom tooth extraction?

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Wisdom teeth are the third molars and these teeth erupt in the last. Usually, Wisdom teeth grow in the age of early twenty. But often they erupt in late adulthood. Generally, it happens that wisdom teeth don’t erupt with ease they create problems in some way like sometimes they don’t grow properly, or sometimes they are misaligned. If these kinds of problems occur it affects the adjacent teeth which means they can damage neighboring teeth.

Problems that generally occurs with wisdom teeth:

●Sometimes wisdom teeth remain inside the soft tissue and do not grow properly. ●It is partially broken and if it remains the same the bacteria may enter the tooth and cause the infection which may lead to swelling in the jaw or toothache. ●Sometimes they are misaligned that causes difficulty in brushing and flossing which can lead to tooth decay. ●It also happens that people never get wisdom teeth due to some reasons as the jaw doesn’t develop completely and that restrains the wisdom teeth to erupt. If you are facing any one of these problems you need a dental clinic near me.

Reasons to remove the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me:

●If you have impacted wisdom teeth. ●If they are causing overcrowding of teeth. ●Your mouth does not have enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt. ●They can erupt at the wrong angle which can damage the neighboring teeth.

In that case, a Dentist In Houston may suggest you eject your third molar at an early age as you grow older the bone will become harder that will cause difficulty to remove them.

Your dentist may advise you to remove your third molar at an early stage, this is because as you age the bones in your mouth become harder which will then make it difficult to remove. Emergency dentistry suggests that if you delay in the wisdom tooth extraction that can lead to severe surgeries and heavy bleeding.

The procedure of wisdom teeth removal by Best Dentist In Houston:

If your best dentist near me recommends the wisdom teeth removal procedure, he/she will take an X-ray of your mouth which will help them to determine how to carry the procedure actually. Before removing your wisdom teeth he/she will inject you with local anesthesia to numb the surrounding area of the tooth. If you have anxiety regarding the procedure he/she may give you a sedative to relax.

During the procedure, the dentist will make a small cut in the gum to get access to the wisdom tooth if it has not erupted through the gum. In the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist will cut it into smaller pieces so that it can be easily extracted. You can feel slight pressure before the removal of the tooth as the dentist widens the tooth socket by rolling the tooth in a backward and forward direction before extracting it.

So it is essential to extract a wisdom tooth if it is creating problems to avoid forthcoming problems.