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Hey Ryan,
what do you think about illegal filesharing?
Rachel williams
== Illegal File Sharing ==
I think it is good, and falls under our first amendment.
== Kay is dumb ==
This is how you add things to the listserv Kay! Kay is dumb because he doesn't know how to add to the listserv. Now who is the outcast????
== ryan ==
Yes, I agree, we need more information about file sharing don't we? Is christina and Kay joined yet? what you think they are slow, ryan be nice they are our group members
== You all are stupid ==
If you guys see this, this means I've left the room!
== Nice Message ==
Yeay!  I'm a part of it now!
== rachel ==
Hey I think we might could get kicked off of this listserv?
bye, yeah now we have done our assingment
== Why? ==
Why the hell would we get kicked off for talking?
== rachel ==
How do we know who is saying what?
== How do you know who is talking? ==
I don't quite understand this yet, wish sucks... will other people type messages about file sharing?
== Work! ==
A. The topic of the listserv Activists for Free Culture – A Student Movement.
B. The administrative address for subscribing www.freeculture.org/wiki/
C. The list address for posting messages !!!?!??!?!?!?!!?

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