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Hey guys! Great work on all this! What do you think of me adding a link to Campus groups on this page? --LukeStodola 20:12, 28 Mar 2005 (EST)

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How about tidying up the Frontpage? (Re)move the Bylaws, add conference results.Btw. why is the mainpage protected? If it is spam, you could at least use templates. E.g. for a section that lists current points of interest... --Raffa 20:07, 22 October 2008 (EDT)


May be a relevant link to add, for non-chatroom discussions on topic? Not sure the right place to put it.

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Using technology to teach Social Studies

Technology is now reviving the art of teaching and social studies have now become easier to teach with the help of the latest technological advancements. The traditional way of teaching social studies has been outdated and teaching something from the textbooks is something from the past. It is yet more appealing when technology is indulged with social studies. The students are loving the new dynamics of technology-related social studies lessons which are providing a lot of interest in the subject. Teachers, on the other hand, are also taking the course at their hand and enjoying to practice their skills in preparing quiz and other interactive sessions with students for their social studies lessons.

The new dynamics of social studies: My experience of teaching World History with a bend of technology was really thematic as the lessons include some online activities and projects. The biggest concern for me was to get students intellectually cover the topic elements and wrap the lesson themselves by performing the stimulating activities that were planned to make their learning a mile deep.

This advent of technology in the learning set a great example for me as the students were able to analyze their own performances and this had a great impact on their integration with technology and also allowed students to learn about the social and political elements in a particular period of time. Another idea that came alive in the teaching scenario was the addition of some traditional activities like group-based thinking to create an in-depth study for that particular period.

Some of the events which were associated with the technology allowed some amazing presentations like: • Collaboration • Curation • Publishing of the learning process • Globally connected

Integration of Social Studies Features: As part of the technological revival, many subjects can easily be taught via technology and social studies are the easiest and the most useful to a subject that can be beneficial for the students. Some of the features that are relevant to the social studies concept are easy to cope with the thinking of students and it is helping them to understand more and more about the historical eras using the apps or online maps. If the lectures of history are attended by the teachers, the class becomes boring but with the advent of technology, the lesson becomes interesting and students take part with a lot more effort to learn something new.

Teaching with technological advancement: In this era of reviving technology, we all are using the perks in order to teach and using technology to teach social studies is a big deal. The advancement of technology is shaping the art of the lesson as if the teacher decides to take the technology, it’s worth it. The old traditional way of teaching is long gone. Now, the teachers need to shift to the new technological ways of teaching as more and more interactive lessons are available and a lot of resource material is provided for the student’s to grasp better.

The social networking: To explore social networks is one way to keep the history lesson up-to-date as teaching the new trends in history is very catchy for the students. Sociology, philosophy, history are all parts of social studies and it can get more efficient if the technology is used. The teacher can implement more technological ways to change her strategies and shape the new dimension of learning. This change will help students explore the nature of history lessons in a more unique way. The lessons in do my assignment are always boring and with technology, students are able to investigate on their own and using their creativity to solve the mystery and be a little close to the benefit associated. So, if the students are loving to learn with technology, then teachers must plan something related to technology in order to transfer the knowledge to the new generation.

Final words: There are certainly many ways that social studies can be taught intelligently. By exploring new areas and new dynamics, students can easily get benefit by using technology as a tool to get more interesting aspects of the lesson. It is thus appealing that students must seek British assignment help for their experiences and to get benefit from it.