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It's confusing that this page starts out by pointing to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and then asks "What is Open Source?". is a good article to learn about the difference between the free software and open source movements. These two movements stand for very different philosophies and the free software movement looks to be far more in line with what this site is talking about.

The front page is also confusing for the same reason.

I think you'll find a suitably ethics-based explanation and critique of copyright and patent law as it applies to computer software from the FSF, not the Open Source Initiative. I'm sure many open source advocates criticise copyright and patent law and they probably do a good job of it from the perspective of the open source movement. But that movement approaches sharing and modifying software by arguing that it is suboptimal to disallow sharing and modification. The open source movement's main audience is business. The open source movement's philosophy is not compatible with the interests described on this site.