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I am Matt Lee, founder of [http://cnuk.org/ CNUK Media Foundation] and webmaster/Unix freak/whatever for FreeCulture.org
I've abandoned this account for [[User:Mattl|this one]]. Update your tracker beams.
== Freeculture.org ==
* I have a [[User:MattL/Todo | To do list]] - you may add to it.
== CNUK ==
CNUK people who are not me:-
* Anna
* Sal
* Mark
* Rob L
* Paul
* Steveo
* Chloe
* Alan
* Nick
* Simon
What CNUK Media Foundation is doing, in a nutshell...
* Forming some UK based projects to promote free culture.
*# Free Culture for Students - automatically forming a free culture chapter with a wiki for each University in the UK. This was discussed with [[User:Skyfaller | Nelson]] over Skype on 25/06/05
* Promoting free culture in the city of Exeter (where I'm based) to local artists.
* Forming some web-based projects:-
*# sampleme.org - music sampling site. Speaking to Magnatune about this. Launch party (http://party.cnuk.org/) in August.
*# cnuk.org - website of the CNUK Media Foundation
* Making a film
*# We're working on a film about free culture/creative commons/open content/etc
== Speaking to me ==
* AIM: paaux
* MSN: matt.lee@comedynetuk.com
* Skype: comedynetuk
* Email: matt@cnuk.org

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I've abandoned this account for this one. Update your tracker beams.