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Who am I?

I'm Asheesh Laroia. I was once a current student at the Johns Hopkins University. See

2011 summer travel

Important dates:

  • July 14: UNBOOKED get to Philadelphia
  • July 15: Scalathon; I must be in Philadelphia
  • July 17: Scalathon over
  • July 19 or so UNBOOKED: Get to NYC
  • July 22 9:25 PM: Leave JFK [1]
  • July 23 11:15 AM: Land at FRA
  • July 23 3:55 PM: Flight from FRA to ZAG. [2] Arrive 5:15 PM.
  • July 23: (I may arrive in Banja Luka for Debconf)
  • July 31: I must leave Debconf
  • July 31 morning: Drive to France; crash in Moulins
  • Aug 1 (UNBOOKED): Take a train to Paris
  • Aug 5 evening: UNBOOKED Take a flight/bus/train to Berlin
    • Easyjet seems to have the best fares. Either arrive 9 AM or 10:50 PM.
  • August 6 morning: I must be in Berlin for Desktop summit [3]
  • August 9-12: Non-talk stuff at Desktop Summit
  • Aug 12ish: UNBOOKED Get back to US from Berlin
  • August 12 evening: Desktop Summit over

Hints for travel planning

Between US and Debconf:

  • Kayak finds quite cheap Iceland Express flights, BOS to SXF, departing Wed Jul 20
  • I can get to Paris for the same price
  • It's $100ish by train to get to Marseille, about 3.5h on TGV
  • To get to Debconf, I could (?)

Between Debconf and Berlin:

  • Germany is geographically between Debconf and Western Europe, so it doesn't make oodles of sense to go somewhere on Western Europe in between

About Marseille

  • Easy to get there from Prague, supposedly

2008 travel

ICFP Programming Contest

  • Noon Fri Jul 11 Pacific until Noon Mon Jul 14
  • Preferably on-site with Venk etc. in Baltimore
  • Overnight flights with AirTran are <$250, waking up in Baltimore on Friday around 9 am

See East coasters?

  • R in Philadelphia
  • Blake in NYC (probably not necessary)
  • Nelson and Gaurav in DC
  • Mom and Dad - maybe Airtran out to Rochester Monday night, then to one of these other people...

Last HOPE in NYC

  • Fri morning Jul 18 to Sunday night Jul 20
  • Sun Jul 20: JFK 7:35 PM, PDX 10:35 PM Jetblue nonstop $275

OSCON in Portland

  • Mon Jul 21 to Fri Jul 25
  • Hotel:
    • first night Sun Jul 20
    • last night: Fri Jul 25
  • There are many <$150 flights from PDX to SFO (mostly United?) during Sat Jul 26

Stay in Portland and see people?

  • Kees will surely be around during OSCON, at least
  • Sonu?

Go back to SF for the end of July?

  • Back to work July 28
  • Work for 3-5 days
  • Leave for Argentina Thu Jul 31 or Fri Aug 1

Chill in Argentina

  •  ?!?

Debconf in Mar del Plata [4]

  • Sat Aug 9: Room and food are available. OK to arrive Sat Aug 9 and sleep in Debconf land.
  • Sun Aug 10: First Debconf talks
  • Wed Aug 13: Day trip!
  • Sat Aug 16: Last day of talks, last night of food + room.
  • Sun Aug 17: Should leave in morning.

Back to SF

  • Mon Aug 18: Hopefully back to work as normal. Shame the interns are gone! (Their last day is Fri Aug 15, hopelessly for me.)

2007 travel

User:Paulproteus/Temporary chapter registration

Flight 1 Information – Sun 20 Jul 2008 Delta

Flight 5089  	Departs: 10:59a
John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) 	  	Arrives: 12:31p
Monroe County (ROC)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: Canadair Regional Jet  | 1h 32m
Flight 2 Information – Thu 24 Jul 2008


Flight 5157  	Departs: 6:15p
Monroe County (ROC) 	  	Arrives: 7:55p
Cinci./ N. Kentucky (CVG)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: Canadair Regional Jet  | 1h 40m
 	[ Layover in Cincinnati, OH (CVG) for 0h 55m ]


Flight 1565  	Departs: 8:50p
Cinci./ N. Kentucky (CVG) 	  	Arrives: 10:28p
Portland (PDX)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Passenger  | 4h 38m
Flight 3 Information – Sun 27 Jul 2008


Flight 1171  	Departs: 5:42p
Portland (PDX) 	  	Arrives: 7:30p
San Francisco (SFO)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: 320  | 1h 48m
Flight 4 Information – Thu 31 Jul 2008
This flight leaves on Thursday and arrives on Friday.

American Airlines

Flight 1144  	Departs: 1:15p
San Francisco (SFO) 	  	Arrives: 6:55p
Dallas/ Ft Worth Intl (DFW)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-83  | 3h 40m
 	[ Layover in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) for 0h 40m ]

American Airlines

Flight 997  	Departs: 7:35p
Dallas/ Ft Worth Intl (DFW) 	  	Arrives: 8:05a
Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 Passenger  | 10h 30m
Flight 5 Information – Sat 9 Aug 2008
This flight leaves on Saturday and arrives on Sunday.

American Airlines

Flight 908  	Departs: 10:25p
Ministro Pistarini (EZE) 	  	Arrives: 6:20a
Miami (MIA)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: Boeing 777  | 8h 55m
 	[ Layover in Miami, FL (MIA) for 1h 45m ]

American Airlines

Flight 1054  	Departs: 8:05a
Miami (MIA) 	  	Arrives: 10:30a
Reagan- National (DCA)
 	Coach  | Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 Passenger  | 2h 25m
 	Airfare 	 Taxes & Fees  	Total Cost   	$1328.00 	$548.87 	$1876.87 	select

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