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Registering your chapter

So that we know about your existence, we'd love it if you'd register your chapter. It's not too hard a process, but it is a little clunky. So pay attention to this guide!

Step 1: Log in

Go to and log in. Someone with super awesome powers can tell you the current temporary username and password.

Step 2: Create yourself

Click on "Contact" on the left, and then click on "Add contact". Fill out the form and tell us who you are.

Step 3: Create your school

Click on "School" on the left, and then click on "Add school". You must fill in these fields:

  • city
  • name (of the school, not of yourself!)
  • zip
  • address
  • uri

Do not worry about "address2" (unless your school has a two-line address, in which case use that) or longitude or latitude or plus4 or modified_at or created_at unless you know that what you put there is correct.

Step 3: Create your chapter!

This is the really important part. Sorry about the fields being in a seemingly random order. Here's what they mean:

  • wiki: A link to your chapter's wiki, if you have one
  • budget: Does your chapter have a budget? True/False
  • ship_pk: Does your chapter want Public Knowledge to send you goodies?
  • school: The ID number (blah, I know) of the school that you created in step 3
  • is_approved; Leave this to False for now!
  • ship_eff: Does your chapter want goodies from the Electronic Frontier Foundation?
  • blog: The full web address of your chapter's blog, if you have one
  • contact: The ID number (blah, I know) of the contact you created in step 2
  • budgetsize: If you have a budget, how big is it?
  • subdomain: If you want a subdomain, the whatever part here.
  • registered: Uh, leave this blank - what is it for?
  • is_active: Set this to true if your chapter is active!
  • paid_fc_shirts: FIXME: !?!
  • members: How many members have you?
  • coremembers: How many decision-making members do you have? Some clubs call this the "board of officers".
  • ship_cc: Do you want Creative Commons to send you goodies?
  • mailinglist: Enter the full web address for a link to information about your email list, if you have one
  • name: What's the name of your club?
  • created_at: Set this to now (click on the date icon)
  • modified_at: Set this to now (click on the date icon)
  • uri: The full web address of your chapter's web site, if you have one
  • ship_fc_shirts: Do you want us to send you shirts?