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|name=Tony Biondo
|name=Tony Biondo
|school=Syosset High School
|school=Stony Brook University
|location=New York
|program=Computer Science
|hometown=Long Island, NY

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NameName::Tony Biondo
School Stony Brook University
Location New York
Program Computer Science
Class of 2013
Hometown Long Island, NY
E-mail Email::tonyb@tonybox.net
Jabber Jabber::tonyb@cluenet.org
AIM No AIM listed
Website http://tonybox.net/

Jabber address currently doesn't work. Best contact is IRC, tonyb486 on irc.freenode.net, tonyb on irc.cluenet.org, tonyb486 on irc.oftc.net

Tony is on the web team!

He wants his blog in the Planet.