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Should the Use of Marijuana be Legalized?

Marijuana is a commonly used drug both for recreational and medicinal purposes. In the traditional society marijuana was widely used for medicinal purposes. The use of marijuana for recreational purposes has sparked off controversies because people consume too much of marijuana. Cases of abuse of marijuana have escalated in many parts of the world. Many countries have legislated laws that prohibit the consumption of marijuana in a bid to curb cases of abuse of marijuana. Abuse of marijuana is more rampant in urban areas. Some sections of rural areas still largely use marijuana for medicinal purposes. In most parts of rural India, marijuana in its natural state is used for medicinal purposes. Use of marijuana has both negative and positive impacts in the society, however, authorities must enact necessary pieces of legislation to promote safe use of the drug.

Negative Impacts of Legalizing Marijuana Consumption

Consumption of marijuana has various health risks. The health risks can serve as a basis of criminalizing the consumption of marijuana. Smokers of marijuana are at risk of contracting cancer. Smoking marijuana causes damages to the lungs and other organs. Most long-time consumers of marijuana usually end up suffering from bronchitis. Smoking of marijuana puts individual at about 70% more risk of contracting lung cancer. The treatment of cancer is very expensive making it difficult to access. Many individuals who suffer from cancer as a result of smoking marijuana end up wasting their lives. Most of the marijuana consumers cannot afford treatment for cancer resulting from smoking marijuana. There are a few individuals who can access treatment. However, in most cases people do not recover completely from cancer resulting from smoking marijuana. The cancer leaves permanent damages on their lungs. Most of the people living with such permanent damages usually have a hard time for the remaining parts of their lives. Many consumers of large amounts of marijuana have suffered from psychosis. Long-term consumers of marijuana are at a higher risk of suffering from psychosis. Psychotic related problems among marijuana consumers have been linked to the consumption of marijuana. Most people have developed brain abnormalities because of long-term and excessive smoking of marijuana. Excessive consumption of marijuana greatly affects the brain. Mental functioning decreases with increase in consumption of marijuana. Heavy smoking of marijuana affects the memory of the smokers. Brain cells are usually disrupted as a result of heavy marijuana smoking. When the normal functioning of the brain is disrupted the productivity of an individual is affected. Memory enables individuals to connect a series of events happening in their lives and environment. Controlling smoking of marijuana or criminalizing its consumption will reduce the rates of marijuana consumption or eliminate its consumption completely. Reducing the rates of marijuana consumption can reduce brain abnormalities resulting from the consumption of marijuana. The consumption of marijuana among women has escalated. The consumption patterns of marijuana among women have also followed the same patterns observed among men. Excessive consumption of marijuana among women who are at age bearing stage is dangerous. Women at this stage are likely to have premature births. Babies who are born prematurely usually have low birth weights. Undersized babies are also common in cases of premature births. Extreme effects of marijuana abuse during pregnancy include reduced functioning of children. Cases of brain abnormalities and other defects can also be experienced. Smoking of marijuana by pregnant women can result in defects that can be inherited by their unborn children. Therefore, the consumption of marijuana by pregnant women should be discouraged. Marijuana has led to wastage of financial resources by its users. Marijuana users spend most of their income on the drug. In most communities, marijuana is extremely expensive. Heavy consumers of marijuana spend funds on marijuana at the expense of other productive products and projects. Many people who abuse marijuana are addicted to the drug and therefore give the drug a priority. Some people go to the extent of foregoing basic needs like food so as to consume marijuana. People who consume large quantities of marijuana and very little amounts of food usually appear weak and shaggy. Therefore, the consumption of marijuana has been associated with shaggy people. In some areas shaggy people been accused of crimes such as marijuana abuse. Many people believe that consumers of marijuana spend all their money on marijuana leaving them with nothing to spend on personal grooming. Marijuana negatively affects people’s judgement and productivity in different activities. The judgement of heavy marijuana users can be impaired because marijuana affects people’s perception. The psychomotor coordination of marijuana users might not be affected greatly. However, marijuana users may make poor decisions because their perceptions may misguide them. In most cases, marijuana users become too confident about different activities. Confidence makes marijuana users engage in activities without taking precautionary measures. Marijuana users usually put their lives and those of others at risk when they fail to take into account precautionary measures involved in different activities. In most cases, marijuana users underestimate activities and situations. In many cases marijuana users have successfully accomplished the desired ends in different activities. However, this does not automatically mean that they can be allowed to freely perform all activities independently. Marijuana has created a class of wealthy individuals who get rich at the expense of others. Drug dealers who sell marijuana strive to make big sales. Increasing sales translate to increased profits among marijuana dealers. The dealers of marijuana target to sell larger amounts of the drugs so as to maximize profits. Increase in marijuana supplies makes it more readily available. Therefore, the numbers of marijuana consumers increases while existing consumers start consuming larger quantities of marijuana. As the number of marijuana consumers increases, the number of individuals who get to be directly affected by the negative effects of marijuana also increases. Individuals who increase their consumption of marijuana put their health at risk. People consume small amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, excessive consumption of marijuana is harmful to its users. People who deal marijuana should face the law for the harm they cause in the society through their business activities. Marijuana has increased crime levels in different parts of the world. In informal settlements such as the slums drug abuse is rampant. Many people in informal settlements have access to a variety of illegal drugs such as marijuana. They consume very large amounts of drugs and end up becoming rowdy and unruly. Heavy use of marijuana and other illegal drugs leads individuals to engage in criminal activities such as robbery and rape. Most of the people who are introduced to gangs of criminals through marijuana eventually join the gangs. Some individuals find satisfaction when they engage in such criminal activities. Smuggling and drug peddling are yet other criminal activities that are related to marijuana. In many communities children have been involved in the peddling of marijuana. Such children have found themselves in trouble because legal systems do not allow children to participate in drug peddling. Children who participate in drug peddling grow up in an environment where crime is the order of the day.

Positive Impacts of Legalizing Marijuana Use

Marijuana can also be of great benefit if used in appropriate amounts. Marijuana has medicinal value. Technological advancements have made people concentrate on modern methods of treatment. However, people who have the knowledge of traditional methods of treatment can appreciate the medicinal value of marijuana. Marijuana is believed to have the ability to cure a variety of illnesses. There is a belief that marijuana can cure dysentery and fever among other illnesses. Some communities still use marijuana for these medicinal purposes. In India, marijuana was widely used for in the past for medicinal purposes. This practice still exists in some rural parts of India. The way it is prepared before it is used for medicinal purposes varies from one community to another. It also varies depending on illness it is expected to cure. Some people use it in its natural state while others use it as an ingredient to make different medicines. Marijuana improves the functioning of the body. The drug improves the appetite of those who consume it. Many people get the urge to eat more food after consuming marijuana. Some people use it as an ingredient of the food that they prepare. Using marijuana as an ingredient makes food tastier and therefore raises one’s appetite. Including marijuana in the diet reduces cases of nausea. Therefore, people who consume food that has marijuana as an ingredient are less likely to vomit. Marijuana also helps solve digestion related problems. However, heavy users of marijuana may end up eating too much. Excess consumption of marijuana in such cases may lead to even more digestion related problems. As far as body functioning is concerned, marijuana makes the body more alert. It enables people become alert after they consume the drug. Marijuana reduces stress resulting from pressures of life. The use of marijuana for reducing mental stress is common in Netherlands. Marijuana in Netherlands is believed to promote mental health apart from reducing mental stress. A series of research conducted in Netherlands show that marijuana contains endocannabinoid. The endocannabinoid is believed to play an important role in production of chemicals that fight depression. Many users of marijuana in process of using marijuana get treatment for different mental conditions without knowing. Individuals who use marijuana in small quantities are the ones who are likely to benefit from reduced mental conditions. Heavy use of marijuana is dangerous because it introduces more toxic substances in the body. Consumption of marijuana should be kept at levels that are manageable. Low consumption of marijuana enables the body to contain the toxics that the body receives through marijuana use. Marijuana can be used for economic purposes. People can secure employment opportunities by dealing marijuana and its products. In countries and states where the consumption of marijuana is legal, people can invest in marijuana. Dealing marijuana in regions where it has been legalized is usually controlled by legislation. Therefore, people can openly engage in the business of dealing marijuana. In countries where marijuana is legal, dealers of marijuana are encouraged to embrace ethical practices. In carrying out their businesses people who abide by the set ethical practices ensure that consumers access marijuana that is free from harmful ingredients. An ethical practice in countries where marijuana is legal protects the consumers of the drug from all forms of exploitation. Employment opportunities created by marijuana provides many people with sources of income. People who benefit from marijuana include farmers, manufacturers of marijuana related products and distributors. A country or state can generate income through taxes. In the U.S.A, states such as California have legalized marijuana. The states’ revenues have increased because the list of taxable items has increased by one more items. The states can levy sales tax on all amounts of marijuana sold within their boundaries. Taxes can also be levied on the profits realized from the sale of marijuana. Marijuana therefore expands the tax base. Marijuana like other drugs is expected to be non-responsive to taxation changes. Therefore, increase in taxation on marijuana and its products does not affect the consumption of marijuana significantly. A huge amount of tax can be raised from marijuana because its demand cannot be greatly affected by tax levels. Marijuana can be used to fight the problem of drug abuse and addiction. In countries and states where the use of marijuana has been legalized, marijuana is sold through licensed outlets. Many users of marijuana prefer not to use it alongside other drugs. People tend to withdraw from the use of other illegal drugs when they get access to marijuana. Marijuana can be used by users to reduce drug abuse. The legalization of marijuana in most states has led to reduced consumption rates of the drug. In such countries and states where marijuana has been legalized, the consumption of the drug is usually controlled. People in such countries and states usually have to access limited amounts of marijuana.

Personal Opinion

The consumption of marijuana has increased in many parts of the world because marijuana can be consumed in a variety of ways. Smoking is the most widely used method of consuming marijuana but there exist other methods. Many consumers of marijuana support the legalization of the drug. However, the stands that most people take can be mainly attributed to misinformation. People who consume marijuana believe that legalization of marijuana is necessary because people have the freedom to choose what to consume. The beliefs and attitudes of uninformed people contribute largely to the abuse of marijuana. Therefore, legalization of marijuana should only be for medicinal purposes. Authorities should formulate rules and regulations that govern the forms and quantities of marijuana that can be used for medicinal purposes. The authorities and medical practitioners should also be clear on types of illness for which the use of marijuana can be allowed. Putting in place measures to control the use of marijuana will ensure the safety of marijuana users. The safety of marijuana users can also be attained through the education of the public on the safe uses of marijuana. Unless strict measures are put in place, consumption of marijuana should not be legalized. The use of marijuana has led to a myriad of problems in different communities. According to researches of business essay writers, the consumption of marijuana has increased in recent years. The increase in the consumption of marijuana has contributed to the increase in marijuana related problems. People have turned to over consumption of the drug as opposed to its use for simple recreational and medicinal purposes. Authorities in different countries have invested a lot of efforts and time to reduce the negative impacts of marijuana. However, the strategies used have frustrated the efforts of the authorities. The authorities have mainly used strategies that discourage possession of marijuana. The possession of marijuana has been criminalized while the supply of the drug is still high. Marijuana continues to be available for consumption by people. Therefore, people should be educated on the appropriate consumption of marijuana. The various negative impacts of marijuana may be used as basis of formulating legislation to control its use. Some governments have put in place laws to control its consumption or criminalize it all together. In most urban societies, drug abuse is generally high. Many youths in urban areas have resorted to drug abuse because of unemployment. People also consistently use marijuana and end up becoming addicted. Marijuana is readily available in many societies. In societies where consumption of marijuana has gone to the extent of abuse, its consumption should be prohibited. Criminalization of marijuana consumption in societies where marijuana abuse is high will reduce cases of the youths being wasted in drug abuse. Cases of rampant abuse of marijuana have resulted in criminalization of its use in many countries. China is one of the countries where the consumption of marijuana has been criminalized.