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The Web Team looks after the Web site, wiki, planet, and blog. It can normally be found lurking in our IRC channel.

General responsibilities

Keep the website functioning

Nothing on the current website should break. Our pages must continue to be accessible, and software must continue to work.

  • Accept bug reports. We must have a way for people to tell the webteam what is broken
  • Fix the bugs. There must be a way to assign people to bugs and get them working on the bugs. (and determine when the bugs are fixed, and close the bug.)

Add functionality

When the organization needs the website to do new things, the web team must figure out how to implement these new mission objectives.

Make the website prettier and more user-friendly

  • Graphics design - this may eventually belong to a separate Graphics team, but until then the web team will have to handle this themselves (or use friends and acquaintances).
  • Reorganization - If the website is difficult to navigate, content must be moved around until we have a clean, logical structure


  • Active members should idle on #freeculture whenever possible.
  • For statements that need to be recorded, like when you make a change server-side, always send an e-mail to the webteam mailing list. It's important we all have a copy of such things for reference.

Active members

Chris Wilkinson

Administrator: I'm responsible for everything, but I often defer technical questions to Asheesh.

  • Speciality: Organization, Graphic Design
  • Time Commitment: As much as needed
  • Wants to: Organize the Web Team

Asheesh Laroia

Go-to Geek: I'm responsible for technical changes.

  • Contact info: See http://www.asheesh.org/bin/view/Asheesh/ContactMe
  • Wants to do: sysadmin tasks, database maintenance
    • I am responsible for making sure the server stays up. That means that if it's down, you talk to me first. I'll file support tickets with whoever upstream.
  • Can do: Program in Python, hack PHP and Ruby and Perl
  • May learn: anything...?
  • Does not want to do: web design.
  • Time commitment: As little as necessary. See also the three virtues.

Abhay Kumar

Mercenary Geek: I'm like an an 'observer state' at the UN. I can be tasked as necessary.

  • Contact
  • Wants to do: growth vision (aka 'brand management', including design and presence), coding tasks.
  • Can do: program in php / ruby
  • May learn: as needed
  • Does not want to do: TBD
  • Time commitment: Few hours a week. I have a full time job plus my few hours a week reserved for Wordpress leaves a few more hours to sleep, eat, etc.

Karen Rustad

Nelson Pavlosky

Liason with the Board of Directors

  • Contact info: User:Skyfaller
  • Wants to do: General goal-setting
  • Can do: content editing, distributing passwords and privileges, giving new web team members tours of the website's internals, basic maintenance
  • Does not want to do: any web development or design
  • Time commitment: FreeCulture.org is my life, but I don't want to be involved with the web team, I want to work on other parts of the org. The web team needs to free me up for other jobs.

Nicholas May

Wiki Commander - in charge of everything Wiki-related

  • Contact User:ibm5_25
  • Wants to do: almost anything and everything, likes moving on to new challenges, wiki, making the website usable, whatever strikes his fancy
  • Can do: XHTML, GNU/Linux, WordPress, content editing, mailing list editing, PHP (sorta)
  • Does not want to do: visual web design (behind-the-scenes website design/development is fine), ask me about something specific and I'll tell you yes/no
  • Time commitment: far more than he can afford scholastically, not past midnight (CST)
  • Willing to learn: Almost everything. Quick study. Please teach in the ways of the Force.

Theoretical members

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