What Are The Different Options To Treat Tooth Infection?

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When bacteria houses the root of a tooth, it can form pus. This kind of tooth infection is known as an abscessed tooth. If it is uncontrolled it may spread to your jaw or the other areas of your mouth, head, and neck. So, it is essential to make an appointment with a dentist office open near me. How is tooth infection treated?

Treatment of a tooth infection aims at eliminating the infected part and relieving the pain. The professional will start the treatment after taking a dental X-ray to know the status of the infection.

Depending on the seriousness of the tooth infection, treatment options include:

Draining the pus:

First, the dentist cleans the infected area. Then, he/she makes a small incision in the abscess to eliminate the pus.

A tooth root canal procedure:

During a tooth root canal procedure, the professional will drill into the affected area of the tooth to drain the abscess and eliminate the infected tooth pulp. In the next step, your dentist will seal the pulp chamber and the root canal. The dentist will place a cap over the tooth called a tooth crown to make the tooth stronger. Tooth crown procedure is performed in separate dentist visits.

Tooth extraction:

If the damage is severe in your tooth, your dentist may remove it before draining the abscess. He/She can pull your tooth if it is impossible to save by draining the abscess.


If the infection has expanded ahead of the abscessed area or your immune system is not strong, the dentist may prescribe some oral antibiotics to remove the infection. A commonly used antibiotic may include:

● Amoxicillin

● Azithromycin

● Cefoxitin

● Metronidazole

● Penicillin

Elimination of a foreign object:

If pus is formed due to a foreign object in your gums, the dentist will eliminate it to maintain your dental health. The process will be finished by cleaning the area with a saline solution.

Home Care for Tooth Infection:

You can ease your problem by implementing some things at home such as:

● Use only soft bristles toothbrush for brushing.

● Chew the food on the side of the mouth maintaining distance from the tooth.

● Don’t intake hot and cold foods.

● Place a cold compress on the jaw where the tooth hurts.

● Rinse your mouth with salty water or diluted hydrogen peroxide.

You can use some home remedies also to ease the problem like:

By following some precautionary terms discussed above and taking some anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, you can relieve the pain. Also, rinsing your mouth regularly with warm salt water can ease the problem up to some extent.

It is essential to treat the abscessed tooth timely by a dentist. If it is left untreated it can spread to your jaw and different parts of the head and neck including your brain. That can be a life-threatening issue. So, your dentist will have to be sure that the infection does not spread ahead. otherwise, it may lead to high fever, facial swelling, difficulty swallowing, rapid heart rate, etc.