What are the best braces colors according to an orthodontist near me?

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Braces help to correct many dental problems including crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, etc. if you are recommended braces by a Miami orthodontist you have to think about many things like what type of braces you should put on, and what braces colors will suit the best to your teeth.

Traditional metal braces have multiple components such as metal bands that encircle the back molars, attaching the archwires that run from tooth to tooth. Both archwires, upper and lower are connected to the brackets on the front of each tooth with rubber bands. Rubber bands are available in rainbow colors and you can choose the desired shade for your teeth.


An orthodontist near me can offer you a color wheel that will display a full spectrum of color options. They let you choose the desired shade for the braces.

Your orthodontist adjusts the braces depending on the movement of your teeth. The process can take once every six to eight weeks. Each time the orthodontist tightens your braces you have a chance to replace the band color and choose the new one.

How can you choose a color for your braces:

There are some important factors that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the color of your braces that may include:

Enhance your skin tone

Jewel tones like silver and gold can be a good choice if you have a dark skin tone. If your color is fair, you can choose some cooler colors. You can match the braces color with your eyes shade that will enhance your look.

Correct braces color enhance your teeth:

There are specific band colors that can brighten your smile. You should choose darker colors as they can make your teeth look whiter. Avoid choosing white and yellow shades as they can make the teeth’s appearance dull and stained.

Flaunt your favorite color:

Are you obsessed with your current favorite? Then why not wear it on your teeth. This will not shorten your treatment duration but will definitely make it less torturous.

Change braces colors according to the season:

You can change your braces colors that will suit the season that can be entertaining like for summer you can choose ocean blue or sand color for the braces and in spring mint green, petal pink can be a good option. And in autumn, you can choose school colors.

These options are more suitable for kids than adults. But adults also consider them if they want. According to the experts, adults can consider an elastic color that matches their brackets that can be grey or silver. You can choose clear elastic that will be least visible to others. But these can be stained by coffee, tea, or soft drinks.

You also need to clean the area near the braces from time to time as food can get stuck between them that may lead to tooth decay problems. Adults might be a little bit obsessed about keeping them clean as they won’t want visible food particles crammed in the crevices around their brackets.

You can visit an orthodontist near me to get a clear vision regarding cleaning the braces.